How To Get Your Lawn Green

The majority of people I come across don't know what "aerate" means. Have you ever heard of lawn aeration? If not, don't worry, except for the fact that aerating is one of the best tips for having a healthy green lawn. There are numerous benefits that will keep your grass greener - and make your neighbors jealous.

Over time, the lawn forms a layer called thatch. Thatch is basically dead grass tissue between the healthy green vegetation and the surface of the soil. It must be removed every now and then in order to keep the lawn healthy. Aerating your lawn in spring or fall cuts down on this thatch and is a fantastic lawn care procedure.

So What Is Lawn Aeration?

Simply put, it's a fancy name for poking holes in the soil. The benefits of lawn aeration include:

Breaking up thatch (as we discussed)
Allows oxygen to reach the roots and soil
Allows organic fertilizers and nutrients to reach the roots
Greater water absorption in the soil
Loosens compacted soil to allow the roots more room to grow

How to Aerate Your Lawn

You can aerate your grass with the help of a piece of lawn equipment called a "lawn aerator". There are two types You can choose from:

A manual aerator has two to four hollow cylinders (that remove soil) or spikes (that just create holes) that you push into the soil with your foot. (Hint: the hollow cylinders are better!)

A power aerator saves you some time and effort. However, power aerators cost more, tend towards the heavy side, and are often hard to control.

Additional Aerator Tips

Here are some extra tips to make the aeration process a whole lot easier:

Water your lawn the day before. This makes the soil softer and easier to aerate. The core aerators work better than spikes. The removal of soil allows the lawn's roots more room to expand. Leave the extracted cores on the grass to dry then rake them into the grass -- this creates micro-organisms that feed on thatch.

When you choose an appropriate lawn aerator and follow the tips above, you are sure to meet with a healthy lawn and some very jealous neighbors. read too Selecting An Interior Designer

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