Selecting An Interior Designer

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Once you have decided to use an interior designer on your design project you will want to hire someone who is qualified, who shares your vision and who communicates clearly with you. Many people believe an interior designer simply chooses paint, furniture and accessories but you know they do so much more. Interior designers need to negotiate pricing on furniture, fixtures and accessories, read blueprints, hire contractors, and keep the project on time and on budget and more.

Begin the selection process by defining the geographic location, budget, scope and time frame for project completion. You will want to use this information when researching and interviewing potential designers to make sure they are a good fit for your project and your location.

Review the websites of your pool of interior designers. Call the candidates who particularly interest you and ask questions and take notes. Some general questions you should ask:

* How long have they been in business?
* Do they work alone or as a team?
* Do they have a field of specialty?
* What experience do they have with local building codes and the permit process?
* Do they do handle commercial, residential or both?
* Have they worked on a project similar to yours before?
* Can they provide at least three references?

Set-up an appointment with those who received good references and take your notes, sketches and design ideas with you. Pay careful attention to the communication style and personality of the designer. Discuss budget and fees, scheduling, deposits, contracts and other policies. If possible, view other projects that the designer has completed. After you have completed this process review all the information you have gathered and you should find it easy to pick a designer or firm for your project and you can begin to look forward to your design ideas becoming reality.

Don't only look at designers that have done projects exactly like the one you are looking to do. You want a designer that can create personalized spaces that represent your lifestyle vs. a replica of something they have done before.

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